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Where in Vis town is allowed to park a car for free?

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I'm coming to Vis by Jadrolinija ferry boat, travelling with my own car. Knowing that Vis is a town and not some sort of village with a lot of free areas, and most probably it can get crowded in summer, I'm going to need to know very well what areas in town are available for parking.
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  • rato
    rato · Back to top
    There are four free parking spaces that I'm aware off. At this website there is a map with points marking different services in the city of Vis and among them there are also parking plots. Here I'm publishing a link to that page:
    Vis town map with free parkin places
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  • mila-mla
    mila-mla · Back to top
    It is a really good question. In Vis town streets are very narrow so it is better to plan upfront where to leave your car when visiting this place. I'm going to post an warning to Vis visitors, coming with ferry boat with their cars: do not park nor stop (even with driver in the car) in the main street in front of the ferry berth. In this area there are two small supermarkets (Konzum and Studenac) and tourists very often stops for a quick shopping (after 2:15h trip in the ferry you really need a bottle of cold water or juice) but police is patrolling that street and emits parking tickets. Avoid receiving parking ticket (around 60Eur) using parking places in the port (the map linked by rato is OK to get a general idea of its location).
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