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Vis town questions and answers

Category for questions about Vis town.

  • rominaQ
    · Featured · Resolved

    Looking for bnb on Vis

    1 reply 4486 views
    Hi. I've been searching on several local websites for bnb accommodation in Vis town. It seams that bnb is not a part of the local offer as an alternative to hotels??...
  • asja
    · Featured · Resolved

    Any recommendation for taxi service in Vis town?

    1 reply 4291 views
    I'm on Vis island, happy and enjoying. In my first question on this website I've said that I'll be arriving to Vis in my own vehicle. Finally, we decided to come with ferry boat and rent a car on the island, avoiding purchase of ferry tickets. I wish...
  • iness
    · Featured · Resolved

    Where to buy good wine in Vis town?

    1 reply 4236 views
    I have been recommended to taste Vis wines on my next trip to the island. I'm planning to travel on September, 2013 and wish to know if there is any wine shop in Vis town or I need to explore island's interiors for high quality local wines?...
  • asja
    · Featured · Resolved

    Where in Vis town is allowed to park a car for free?

    2 replies 4301 views
    I'm coming to Vis by Jadrolinija ferry boat, travelling with my own car. Knowing that Vis is a town and not some sort of village with a lot of free areas, and most probably it can get crowded in summer, I'm going to need to know very well what areas ...
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