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Vis is a town located on the northeast coast of the island, in the bottom of the large bay. It has been populated even in prehistoric times, reaching its major growth in the period of Greek colonization of the Adriatic sea. In 16th and 17th centuries Vis became the first real urbanized settlement on the island, when population from island's interiors migrate to the bay of Vis and Kut (corner) and Porat (port) merged, two separate settlements on the opposite sides of the Vis bay.

Kut settlement, on the eastern part of the bay, was formed by Hvar island aristocracy and local wealthy citizens. The coastal part of Kut with staircase and the church of St. Cyprian, as well as the area around it with irregular grid of street, bears the characteristics of urban building types.

Meanwhile, on the western shore of Vis town bay, on the opposite side to Kut settlement, Porat settlement was developed. It consists of a so-called Vela (large) and Mala (small) Banda with three long parallel roads that stretches from the sea to the slopes of hills that surrounds Vis bay. Houses are of urban types, some of them representative palaces with richly designed facades and balconies.

Maps of Vis town

Different maps of Vis town grouped in one place. Explore maps through easy to navigate gallery with details of Vis town parts: Porat and Kut. Use maps to find beaches, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, gas station, historic monuments and other spots relevant for your holidays in Vis.

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Vis town history

Vis is one of the oldest urban centers in Croatia. The ancient Issa (Vis), was founded by the Greeks of Syracuse, led by Dionysius in the 4th century BC and served as base port for Greek colonization of Adriatic sea. In the Hellenistic age Vis had been so powerful that established their own colonies on the location of today cities of Trogir, Stobrec and Lumbarda on the island of Korcula.

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