Vis rooms

rooms at vis island croatia

Throughout Croatia and Vis island visitors can see on many houses small blue signs "sobe". That means rooms. Now days apartments units at private accommodation are much numerous, but still there are rooms for rent available across Croatian Coast and Vis. Rooms are the most affordable type of accommodation on Vis where for a small fee you can sleep and sometimes have breakfast.

Type of rooms for rent

There are rooms with a private bathroom and with shared bathroom. Also many rooms counts with a small private fridge. In general, room owners offers, in addition to room, a shared kitchen.

How to book a room for rent

In the main tourist areas there are more available rooms to choose but in a small villages and towns, like on Vis, quality room units are not too many. It is advisable to book your stay upfront and spare yourself the trouble of not having rooms available. It is especially true, in times of high demand, such as the month of August when the best accommodation units are mostly occupied.