Vis food and drink

On Vis the food is not only a necessity but also an art and a passion. The island is known for its fertile land, the cradle of an ancient tradition in winemaking and olive oil, paraphernalia of each dish. Their production has been handed down for generations.

Explore photo gallery that we prepared for you with photos of food and drinks of Vis.

This, together with the wide range of restaurants, converted to Vis a renowned gastronomic center. We sacrifice to sample the delights Dalmatians. We note that in the town of Vis is the largest variety of restaurants. The great specialty is already named Viska Pogaca. In Komiža will also add tomatoes. This was the most consumed dish in hard times because of their low cost, and is now part of the culinary heritage of Croatia. They told us that one of the best Viska Pogaca Restaurant is Val. Until the very Caroline of Monaco checked. Pojoda is the most prestigious restaurant. Try the pasta fažol brujet na another typical dish prepared only in Vis. The octopus is plentiful and is cooked in different ways. In Konoba Vatrica can try one out this morning by the fisherman's restaurant. Peka izpod order it, a special cooking way for several hours in an oven of wood. Another signature dish here is spaghetti with lobster, prepared with the secret recipe of their celebrity chefs. Serve with white wine. Hidden behind Garibaldi Palace (16th century), with lush gardens and sculptures, is the exclusive and romantic Villa Kaliopa. We suggest the marinated tuna carpaccio, of course, with domestic olive oil. Consider it one of the most expensive. Unbeatable location, with terrace and sea view, is the Kantun Konoba. It has an extensive wine list and is served by Ivan, his own kind. In the village of Komiža enjoy the best lobsters Jastozera Croatia, decorated with marine motifs. The whole experience is going to Karuza Senko small restaurant, famous poet, philosopher and chef. Located in the bay of Mala Travna, defines his cuisine as "slow food". Senko kitchen, is the host and also finds time to share with the guests. Yes, you have to call a day in advance and has no menu. Your suggestion is fish of the day, organic food, antipasti and fish stew. A different option is to obiteljska domacinstva, something like family meal or homemade. This agritourism, as they define it, is in the interior of the island, in different towns. It guarantees comfort food: vegetables and fruits without pesticides, harvested in the garden, wine and homemade bread. They recommended the lamb (janjetina) roast where Darko. It is in the village of Žena Glava, like Pol Murvu with old atmosphere and promises the best rostilj (barbecue) Vis.

Monkfish Pod Pekom in Vis, Croatia

This is a traditional cooking vessel in Vis, a small island in the middle of the Adriatic, about two hours' ferry ride from Split, Croatia. The method is called "pod pekom," which means that it's slow-cooked with embers on top and underneath.

Inside this vessel in particular was a lunch of monkfish, potatoes, rice, and some vegetables. We waited a good, lazy hour for the monkfish to be ready as we drank local wine and snacked on cheese and charcuterie.

Over four days we sampled many of the restaurants on the island, which are mostly homes that operate as agritourismos during the summer months. We were there in June, early enough in the summer that we had the place largely to ourselves. Finding a place for lunch after one beach and before the next beach meant driving through the vineyards and looking for hand-painted signs signifying home cooked food.