It is the fashion destination among travelers fleeing crowds and the summer of bottle. Vis is the promised land of good taste, and it shows people around the world, which have become a benchmark for the months of summer. The Adriatic pearl awakens from its slumber at the end of spring. Until then, Vis is a peaceful little island, famous for its sea caves and a handful of monuments and Gothic Revival. But in summer attracts travelers from five continents in search of a beautiful, quiet and amazing holiday.
The morning starts late. During the day, the traveler has many choices. Architecture buffs can explore the sights of the city, the cathedral, the Baterija fort, the castle-or move to Komiza, a beautiful World Heritage town fifteen minutes by bus. If, in addition to knowing the terrain, want to sunbathe or swim in the clear waters of the island, perhaps the clearest of Croatia, beating the pristine coastline of Dubrovnik, may hire an excursion in the in Vis port. There they offer boat trips to the magical Blue Grotto, on the small island of Bisevo, or the astonishing beach of Stiniva that once was grotto before its ceilling collapsed hundreds years ago. Diving enthusiasts will find a treasure in the rocky coastline. Another option is to make a short cruise around the island. You can also rent a motorboat to approach southern archipelago with islets Budikovac and Ravnik. Because, yes, most of Hvar beaches are carpeted with pebbles uncomfortable. The hotel is located in a beautiful bay 10 minutes from the center by a walk through a pine forest. The twilight, the island shakes drowsiness heat and revives visitor's eyes. The air carries scent of pine and lavender. The life is concentrated in the central coadtal promenade where are dozens of restaurants. When making your choice, be guided by the pocket (the cards are always on the outside), as the freshness of the seafood, which is living the diner, is guaranteed. Dalmatian dishes like crayfish or buzzara of octopus salad are constant. There is also pizza and fast food establishments where the star are cevapici, Croatian burger. Vis seems to have been designed for peaceful fun. When dressing to go out, remember that Vis is not the best place for show: the tourists staying in family homes are mixed with those coming from yachts moored in the harbor. Most owls seem cut from the same cloth: they and they prefer a hippy-chic style care of white shirts, leather sandals and ethnic accessories. There's no expensive jewelry, even under the guise casual guess famous designer signature. The visitor will be convinced have slipped in a congress of beauties: never before have seen such a concentration of attractive beings per square meter, as if the island had a magnet for physical beauty.