Vis beaches

On the south coast, near the village of Rukavac, near the town of Milna, there Srebrena beach or plata.Se Beach is a stunning white pebble beach, which certainly deserves the inner visita.En Bay is the part of Srebrena peebles.Esta covered part is typically busier, while the rock is just a few meters and look out of the bay and is certainly much more tranquila.Encontrará walinkg bars and restaurant in ten minutes from the beach, close to where you have to leave your car. One of the most extraordinary and surprising entries in the Adriatic is Stiniva bay north of the island of vis.La beach is not accessible by car and have to walk a difficult and steep for about 30 minutes. Stoncica bay is located 6 km from the town of Vis in the north eastern shore of the island of vis.Probablemente is the most popular beach jóvenes.Allí find a nice and soft ice cream kiosk, a cozy restaurant and patio recreational beach volleyball playa.La can be crowded in the middle temporada.Es probably the best beach on the island in terms of facilities concerns. Beautiful beach are also within walking distance of the beach town of Kamenica.Allí Komiza.Destacan find a nice bay with peebles and a cozy bar due to day time Acquarius that runs a few meters from the seafront marítimo.No is serve food, but you can find all kinds of refreshments. Going further south from Kamenica you may find on a nudist beach.

Milna beach, Vis

Milna beach is located on the south side of island Vis. It has a very shallow sandy bottom, suitable for snorkeling enthusiasts as well as for small children. Beach sand and transparent waters located on the south side of the island, 9 km from the town of Vis. This beach is ideal for children and beginners in swimming as it offers several feet of shallow sandy bottom that makes it an ideal place for the small children.
For its easy and comfortable access and tranquility, Milna is the number one choice for families with young children. We recommend you to carry umbrellas, beach games, refreshments and snacks since there are no stores available (the closest is 1.2km away, in Podstrazje village). No problems found parking nearby the beach.

Stoncica beach

It is located on the eastern side of the island. Characterized by crystal sea and sandy bottom, it is one of the most popular beaches on the island. There is a restaurant, with many dishes from traditional Vis cuisine. Sandy beach located on the east side of the island. It is accessed by automobile and a 7 minute walk from the parking spot.
The beach is a restaurant that offer recipes typical of the island, with outdoor seating and interior. There is also a small beach bar and a net to play volleyball.

Srebrena beach

It is located on the eastern side of the island. Characterized by crystal sea and sandy bottom, it is one of the most popular beaches on the island. There is a restaurant, with many dishes from traditional Vis cuisine.

Stiniva beach

On the western part from Mala Travna is Stiniva Bay. Looking from the sea side, Stiniva is closed in by two high rocky cliffs which, at their closest point, are just four metres from each other. Between them appears a pebble beach but only after sailing through the 'gateway' does it open out like a Roman amphitheatre auditorium paved in stones. From the land side it can be reached by a steep and at times very demanding goat's path so think twice before deciding to go on this adventure with small children as you will soon have to carry them on your back. Surrounded by high cliffs on all sides, Stiniva is at least on one side always in the shade. You must reach the hamlet of Žužec by road and climb down along the footpath which can last for more than twenty minutes.


Located on the south side of the island, well protected from northern winds, Zaglav beach is probably the most desirable beach on the island. One of the most vellas sandy beaches of the island, fine sand and crystalline waters. You can access it 10 minutes walking from the beach Milna or in a small boat. One of the houses on the beach has a small terrace with a cafeteria that is open and light during the summer months. We recommend planning a day trip carrying everything you need in their backpacks, because after 15 minutes of walking in the sun, you will find one of the most vellas beaches of the Adriatic....


Is the beach in the town of Vis. It is located about 400 meters east of the port of arrival of the ferry. It's a great beach pebbles on one side we find gardens, playgrounds, cafes and bars. It's a fairly busy beach, especially recommended for younger family members who want to share with their peers. You can lease of umbrellas and chairs.


Is a beautiful pebble beach in the bay of the same name located in front of the eastern entrance to the Vis port. Rich with shade provided by the tamarix and pine-trees, it is ideal for families with small children. Very close by is a small bar as well as a sunbathing area that was built in 1930s.

Mala Travna

Is a beautiful little bay located on the southern part of the island and surrounded by inclined plateaus that lower into the crystal clear sea which is always a few degrees colder when compared to the nearby Srebrna. The reason for this phenomenon are the fresh water springs in the bay as well as the always present western current that turns the shallow sea around the capes in small fast currents. Senko from Mala Travna lives and offers his food and drinks in the bay, which has been approachable for the last couple of years by an asphalt trail...

Pritiscina cove

Is a small cove with a pebble beach some 15m long, on the southern side of the Vis island. The closest town is Podhumlje from where the Pritiscina cove is reachable by a narrow unpaved road. From the cove visitors can enjoy in a nice view over Bisevo island. Walking distance from Podhumlje is 45min. There are few houses in the cove on both cove's slopes.