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  Alexan By Vis island questions and answers

What is the best way to arrive to Vis island from Split airport?

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Me and my girlfriend can't wait to start our trip to Vis. We'll be arriving on Split airport on a weekday and departing from the same place on Saturday. I did a short research on Internet and realized that is not very straightforward get to Vis island if you come from the airport of Split. I need advice about the best alternatives to get from the airport to the island. Thanks.
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    From Airport to Split port there is a direct shuttle service that I would recommend. The ticket per person should cost around 6 or 7 eur. This shuttle stops right in a ferry port 200m-300m from the ferry or catamaran (speed boat) to Vis. Also, if you plan to rent a car on Vis and not at the airport (what I would do) you can arrive with catamaran speed boat. Below are links to both schedules for 2014 summer season.
    Search Google for ferry vis and catamaran vis for pictures of both boats. Ticket price in both cases is a quite similar. The difference is significative if you do not take a car to Vis (100€ for both way ticket).
    On Vis island, there are two rent a car agencies: Navigator and Ionios. Contact them for car models, prices and terms:
    Navigator (www): http://www.navigator.hr/agencija/english/iznajmljivanje.php
    Ionios (email): ionios (at) st.t-com.hr
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