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Do local people on Vis island speak English?

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I think that this can mean a difference when you travelling abroad. Guess that other visitors to this web site could benefit from answers to this question.
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  • ivan_s
    ivan_s · Back to top
    Since knowledge of second language in Croatia is tightly linked with tourist and urban areas, Vis only recently got into position to receive tourists and to interact with them. Before, 20 years ago, the island was isolated from foreign visitors, likewise from the need to learn languages other than Croatian. I would dare to say that the overall level of English language is lover than in other more touristy regions in Croatia like Istria or Dubrovnik. Youngsters, between 14 and 35 are better speakers than their parents and especially their grandparents. Majority of Vis inhabitants over 55 speaks English if they have attended university and worked on the mainland (Split or Zagreb). As you probably know, it is not the language that makes you communicated with other but caring about others needs. Vis inhabitants are very friendly and won't make you feel lost in translation :)
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