Renting apartments on Vis island

View from one of Vis island apartments in Croatia

Many people are choosing to stay in apartments for the considerable advantages such as the provision of an comfortable space, possibility of accommodation for the whole family and lower price than a hotel. Vis only recently, after de-militarization, took steps toward creation of tourist accommodation infrastructure. Apartments are the most numerous and popular vacation rental units on Vis island, and together with other types of accommodation like villas, hotels and rooms, enjoys in environment unspoiled by massive tourism.

Characteristics of apartments

On Vis there are two kind of apartments or flats:

  • apartment
  • studio apartment

Apartment is a unit that consist of kitchen, one or more bedrooms and bathrooms. On Vis there are no apartments with more than 3 bedrooms yet. On the other hand, studio apartment is more like a bedroom with a small kitchen or kitchenette facility connected to it and bathroom. Since it is smaller, it is cheaper than apartment in a given area of Vis island. Both kind of accommodations are furnished, can have balcony, terrace or access to a private part of garden. In general, owners live with family in one of apartments, located at the same property and available for their guestsIn addition to accommodation services, the owner can offer their customers additional services, such as preparation of local dishes, transfers, bike and car rental, laundry, restaurant, etc. As a general rule, apartments on Vis island are available for vacation rental, from June to September, while rentals in autumn, winter and spring should be announced with anticipation since in some cases apartments owners leaves Vis for a few months.

Many of apartments on Vis island offers gardens and parking place, surrounded by narrow streets paved, hundred or more years ago, with white stone blocks. Apartments on Vis combine comfort with attention to architectural details, and subtle elegance. Most apartments or flats and studio apartments are in a family houses, counting no more than 3 apartments for rent and in just a few larger properties on the island there are more than 5 apartments available for vacation rental.

Recommendations when renting an apartment

Bring in printed last conversation held with the owner or agency. It is well known that written word has stronger impact. Ask about any house details and rules that is required to pay a special attention as use of devices, and similar. Although majority of hosts offers bathroom towels and sheets, changeable once per week, it is recommendable to confirm with them if those are provided. Therefore, you must sign an initial contract in writing setting out the minimum requirements to be fulfilled by both parties and it is essential to retain a copy for possible claims. Advertising should also save if you hire the apartment through a travel agency. The apartments must meet minimum standards in terms of their category. The rent also includes the use and enjoyment of the services attached to the housing, for example the pool or the park, which should be provided by the company from the time of commencement of the stay.