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How to get to Stoncica?

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Preparations for our trip to Vis have started. I'm so excited to get there and to jump right into that beautiful crystal sea. We just booked an apartment in Stoncica and would like to know from other visitors about how difficult is to get to the cove of Stoncica.
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  • mila-mla
    mila-mla · Back to top
    It is not as difficult as it might seems when you hear there is no car access road to get directly to Stoncica cove with sandy beach. Here is a little info map I've created for making my answer more clear http://www.vis-accommodation.com/images/q-a/stoncica-vis-access-map.jpg The map for this infography is a screenshot taken from OpenCycleMap.Org. I suppose you have some kind of vehicle to go around the island. Then you need to plan to leave it on a parking place, about 300m from Stoncica ("P" on the map). Most apartments and house owners in Stoncica are aware of this situation and offers help to carry your luggage on a wheelbarrow. Some offers to pick up luggage with their boats in Vis port. Usually there is enough space in those small boats for one or two passengers, so one part of your group can take trip from Vis port to Stoncica in a boat (around 30min boat drive) and other part of the group can go with car and las 300m on foot. The walking path from parking to Stoncica bay is narrow, but well maintained. Be prepared if plan to arrive late at night: bring a hand light since the path is not illuminated. When you arrive to Stoncica beach it is such a great feeling to step onto a soft white sand.
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  • rato
    rato · Back to top
    Here is one of the photos I've took few months ago. In this way It is easier to recognize where to turn from the main road to get to Stoncica cove. This photo is taken standing on the main road from Vis town to Milna cove and several other places on the south side of the island.
    After this turn you need to drive for another 1200m to get to the parking place.
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