Rukavac cove

Rukavac cove is the place on the southeast side of Vis island with lovely scenery, many islands and little coves, where is located the village of same name. Village of Rukavac, once a small fishermen port with no more than few humble stone houses, now is a third largest settlement on the island of Vis, after Vis town and Komiza. The settlement of Rukavac consists of two separated hamlets. Seaside's Lower Wrist, where is a fishing village that still preserves part of its past authenticity. Upper backwater hamlet located along the way is a village with a two-storey buildings from nineteenth century and typical bread ovens in its patios.
Rukavac is not connected with public bus sevice. It is required to get there to use taxi service, renting a scooter motorbike or a car at Vis town. From Rukavac to Vis town and farry port there is around 9km. Other way to get to Rukavac is by the sea, which is by the way, highly recommendable since Rukavac happens to be the safest harbor on that side of Vis island.
Very near to Rukavac are two of several major attractions on the island: Srebrena beach, unique for its large white pebbles and Green cave, located on the island Ravnik, very near to Rukavac, famous for its ray of sun that penetrates into the cave only on a specific hour of day.
Once a port when fishermen have found many times salvation from storms, now days Rukavac saves tourists from stress and hassle thanks to its extensive offer of accommodation, mainly in private houses or family held b&b's. Beside apartments, rooms or small villas, there is a service of rent a boat or taxi boat, if you prefer, so those who likes sea and exploring, can find their way in Rukavac, Vis - Croatia.

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