Rogacic and Parja coves

Located only five minutes car drive distance or twenty minutes walking distance from Vis town, Rogacic and Parja coves are closest holiday settlement to Vis town. Actually, Rogacic and Parja are two branches of the same cove, entering deeply into the Vis island soil. It is a well protected from all winds, which is the reason why Rogacic and Parja are so popular among sailboat and yacht navigators. Cozy pebbly beaches, green pine woods and small holiday properties, where local inhabitants offer accommodation and homemade products, is a scenery to dream of as a perfect place for summer vacations.

Accommodation in Rogacic and Parja

Vis island, in southern part of Croatian coast, was important strategic asset for different governors that have ruled on this island. Rogacic and Parja were ideal coves for hiding large boats as well as nearby Vis bay. Along Rogacic and Parja fishermen built small stone houses to keep their small boats and nets there. Now days, almost every seafront house is refurbished to serve as vacation rental property so many of the tourists that come to Vis island can accommodate in an authentic property. As stated at the beginning of this page, Rogacic and Parja are very close to the Vis town, which happens to be one of major advantages for those who accommodate in this cove since all Vis town events are very close, while at the same time they can be far enough to enjoy in a peaceful atmosphere of this cove.

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