Milna cove and Zenka

Milna cove and Zenka are two settlements that in recent years joined its limits after increased development of vacation properties. Breathtaking sea views, crystal clear sea and vicinity to several coves with sandy or pebbly beaches were the reason why many wanted to have a Croatia holiday retreat in that part of Vis island. Being located on the south side of the island, with many sunny days, makes it an important candidate for accommodation on Vis island for those visitors that come in pre and post season. Bucolic scenery of small vineyards, olive trees, flowers in bloom and fishermen's boats cutting a perfectly calm sea surface are main attractions in pre and post season (April,May and October, November) to all who look after a short break from everyday hassle. In high season, Milna cove and Zenka are well known destinations for many visitors who found there their own piece of Mediterranean.

Milna cove

The first part of Milna-Zenka settlement, is Milna cove. In the beginning there has been the old village of Milna, located approximately 1000m from the sandy bay of Milna on Vis island. In the past, residents of the village of Milna were tenants, and they were using this beautiful cove just when they needed to ship the harvest to Vis town or Komiza. Around fifty years ago, after the transition from the field based incomes to service and industry labors in Split town or even Zagreb on the mainland, old village of Milna, with 5 or 6 stone houses, slowly began to fade and vacation houses settlement in the bay has grown, reaching eventually around 30 vacation houses. Now days Milna cove is one of most popular holiday destinations on the island of Vis, because of its beautiful sandy sea bottom, shallow beach, ideal for small children and the environment dominated by Villa Anna, an old, classy summer house which gives to the entire bay a subtle elegance and reminder of its glamorous past.

Zenka vacation settlement

The second part, Zenka, is a recent settlement with the newly built apartments and villas. Zenka offers unique, breathtaking sea views over the surrounding islands Budikovac, Ravnik, Parzan and GrebenZenka's sea shore main atributes are stone slabs, ideal for sunbathing, and pristine sea bottom with rich marine life, underwater forms and high visibility. It is a popular place for snorkeling and swimming.

Milna-Zenka as holiday destination

Being situated on the south side of the farthest inhabited Croatian island, Milna-Zenka settlement is surprisingly easy to access. Ferry boat connection with mainland is regular and occurs three times per day during the high season, while in the low season frequency drops to two connections from Split to Vis and back. Trip duration is 2h 15min. on board of a very comfortable ship with a lot of space to walk around and large decks.   

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I wonder if the situation changed from three years ago when there was no grocery shop in Milna nor in Zenka. Vis town is not so far but it would be delightful to walk to the store early in the morning...
8 years ago 1 5058